Sunday, August 15, 2010

What This Blog Is About

This blog will contain recollections of things I did from about 1960 to 1976 having to do with electronics, science, technology, and so on. They will come as the mood strikes me—if you’re expecting regular weekly posts, look for those on my engineering ethics blog (

I write these recollections, not because I think that anything I did back then was particularly unusual or striking, but because I think experiences such as mine should be part of the anecdotal historical record of what it was like to be a technically-inclined American boy at that time. As subsequent events have proved, the period was itself unique, and so I think these things are worth writing about because, as time goes on, the 1960s rise above their surrounding decades as a critical time in many ways. And anything we can use to understand what happened then, and why, may help us in retrieving good things we have lost, and avoiding bad things we may otherwise repeat.

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